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Eco Wings is an International Brand based in Central India. We offer high quality professional handmade upcycled bagsand fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles in green fashion world.

Super Crafted Vegan Hand Bags – “Ethical, Cruelty-Free and Sustainable”

Heyy !!!! Are you vegan lover?  Do you love up cycling? Have you ever experienced upcycled bags?Are you looking for a bag brand which does not involve any cruelty?
Are you bored with your leather bags?
Then you need to shift your mindset and explore something new.

An Indian brand call Ecowings is committed to take you to the most adventurous moments through its vegan style and make you realize the real life beauty. It makes you feel proud while carrying eocwings vegan bags.

Handmade with passion, love and with a great level of craftsmanship. Check out the full story in this short video. I am sure you would love to watch this inspiring short film.

Do you want to know, why people experience the most exciting and thrilling moments with ecowings vegan bags?  Truck tire tube is the most durable material and having no side effects. It has a long life and very strong as compared to leather.

If we replace our leather products with vegan leather (Recycled Rubber), then it can lead to sustainable future and can reduce carbon foot print.

These upcycled bags are prepared in Central India by skilled craftsmen, who have injected their soul into these beautiful pieces.

Every single bag you carry in your hand has a great significance on this planet as it saves one’s life and makes you feel good from inside.

These series of posters shows the passion and its story behind the brand values.

For more information, you may visit Ecowings global website. www.ecowings.in

Thanks for your time!
Keep smiling and inspiring 🙂

Ecowings Team