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Eco Wings is an International Brand based in Central India. We offer high quality professional handmade upcycled bagsand fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles in green fashion world.

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How to maintain Ecowings upcycled vegan bags & FAQ


I am often asked this common question about ecowings bags. Are you really worried how to maintain Ecowings Upcycled vegan bag, then this post is going to inform you thoroughly about your ecowings upcycled bag and its details.

Maintaining Ecowings vegan bags is much easier than any common leather bag, even I would say there are so many issues in leather bags, especially when you are into moisture conditions, in many cases interaction of leather + water create a bad smell of animal skin which may be allergic and disturbing.

I am not sure why people are so much fond of real leather, probably they do not know the realities behind the leather.

Here is a nice post as why we should avoid leather products.

Another informative post will thoroughly let you know, how leather is gradually killing people.

Here are the some of the following ways you can simply maintain your upcycled vegan bag and you would be happy to know buying Ecowings bag is your absolutely wise decision of your style!

Outer Surface:

After certain period if your Ecowings upcycled vegan bag gets fade or does not shine then not to worry, you may wash and then get it dry under the sunlight.

Generally when you use Ecowings bag, the more you use it the more shiny it would be.

Yet you want shinier surface then apply a thin layer of organic oil or transparent gloss shiner with the help of a small cotton cloth.

Gloss is available at many shoe accessory stores.

Lining Material:

The lining material is precisely integrated with rubber surface with skilled hands through industrial power machines, so there is .001 % possibility of its wear and tear.

If user uses it with excessive load conditions then it may hamper. The lining is 100% washable and you can get it dry under the sunlight.

Nylon Strap:

If the Nylon threads are coming out from shoulder strap then the best way is to remove those small threads  and then burn them through candle by applying little bit heat.


We use tested export quality zippers in our bags which contains good material and has promising durability.

In case of failing the zipper of the bag you may talk to our repairing center, they will help you in best possible way.

Dog Hook:

Integrated dog hooks are in light weight at the same having good carrying capacity, but in case if it gets broken in some hasty conditions then you can use three different methods.

  • Use Jam Buttons and attach the exciting belt with loop strap.
  • Get your strap attached permanently with the help of Jam Buttons.
  • Get the new dog hooks with the help of bags repair shop or our repairing center.


The laptop bag handles are basically car seat belts so no doubt its durability.

Car Seat Belt Webbing

You will be surprised the strength of the car seat belt is 10 times greater than a normal nylon strap, so any kind of wear and tear is impossible in handles.

In case if the stitching gets fail due to over load or in some abrupt conditions then the most simplest way is to solve this problem –  fix Jam Buttons with the help of die punch holes, it may repair your bag to hold 5 Kg weight without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is ecowings a fair trade brand?

Yes, 100 % Fair Trade

Are ecowings bags cruelty free?

100% Cruelty Free + PETA approved Vegan Brand and supported     by Ministry of Textile, Government of India.

Does Ecowings bag smells?

Well it does not smell, we wash the material multiple times and then after upcycle it, so use it confidently, I have seen people who are using ecowings bags past six to seven years and it looks brand new. If little bit smell is there then it will disappear after sometime.

Is it more sustainable as compared to leather bag?

Yes! It is. The EW bags are far durable and sustainable than leather bag.

If someone scratches on my bag then will it get spoil?

Well if someone has scratched on the rubber material, then it is very hard to damage the material until and unless intentionally it is damaged through sharp metal. You can imagine the strength of the material like this – We are using waste truck tire tubes, carry 20 to 30 tons load and travel long way from one state to another. Every truck tube is around 2 to 3 MM thickness which itself is sufficient is to absorb the shock.

Does it prevent from water during rainy season?

The material we have used is 100% water proof. There is hardly any bag manufacturing company assures you for the 100 % waterproofing but my past experience whoever has bought Ecowings bags they had great experience during rainy seasons. Even in excessive rains there is hardly any chance to enter water inside. Most of the IT people who want to protect their laptop, especially in rains prefer to carry ecowings bags.  Because it is shock proof + prevents your gadgets from water.

Are ecowings upcycled bags heavy?

It depends on person to person, if your weight is below 40 Kg then probably you would feel the bag is heavy ☺ , but all the bags are very easy to carry.  After buying ecowings bags people state – “it is much better to carry ecowings upcycled bag rather than we carry the burden of a dead animal on our shoulder. “

Does ecowings follow fair trade policies?

Yes, ecowings has strict norms to follow fair trade policies, child labor is strictly prohibited and we give fair weigh to our craftsmen/women in very good conditions. Every month here we have skill development program and we train our artisans for higher level of skills and precision.

Is it safe to order ecowings bags through its online website?

Yes, absolutely, it is 100% safe and secure.

Is there any discount on the products?

It depends on the particular event and season. You may request for it, once there is an offer you will be intimated.

What are the different places where we can have ecowings bags across the world.

It is available in the followings countries –

Netherlands, Australia, USA, Canada, Poland, France, India

Can I work for ecowings?

Yes, you can. Follow the selection process, if you clear the HR rounds then you will get an opportunity to work with our global team.

Do you also customized bags?

Yes, we do. For this you may directly mail on ecowingsnet@gmail.com

Can I see the full collection of ecowings upcuycled vegan bags?

Yes, below are the links you can see the full collection.





Maintaining ecowings bag is quite easy. The more you use it the better it would look. You may follow the above steps to make it long lasting. Be proud to be the part of our global vegan mission and adopt upcycled vegan life style. I strongly believe, this planet needs our attention else our future generation will have to suffer a lot. Our small positive vegan steps can create huge difference.