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Eco Wings is an International Brand based in Central India. We offer high quality professional handmade upcycled bagsand fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles in green fashion world.
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Ecowings transforms Truck Inner Tire Tubes into high quality life style products.

The waste inner tube is burden on the environment and while burning it creates huge amount of pollution which is not only harm the environment but also high risk for human beings. Waste Inner Tubes are collected by Ecowings craftsmen and then converted into a beautiful and functional product.

Burning tires are a huge problem for human and environment

To develop Ecowings bags we use Waste Truck and bike inner tubes. Generally these waste tubes either are thrown in open landfills or goes for burning.

  • The bags made out of Tire Tube material is absolutely water proof, strong and durable.
  • It is animal friendly and replaces leather
  • Due to its different textures and design patterns, every bag is unique
  • It is 100% Washable and having long life

The Products are well designed with love, passion and style and crafted with utmost detail.

Viwe Ecowings Products

Every bag plays a big role to build an individual personality as each bag  has different texture and design pattern. The unique marks on the bag surfaces reveals the history of its long journey and adds a distinctive identity.

Ecowings is Recognized by PETA and all the products are approved with vegan certification.

Handmade Product with Quality Craftsmanship :

While making of ecowingsupcycled products most of the work is done through hand.

Our skilled craftsmen fuse their craft skills with great level of precision by using traditional tools and technology.

Ecowings Social Impact :

>So far Ecowings have trained 50 Rural people and upgraded their skills

>Employment opportunity to several craftsmen in India

>Launch new skill development programs intended to value addition and promotion of Indian crafts in general and upcycled products in particular

Ecowings Impact on Environment :

So far Ecowings has Upcycled 50 Tons Tire Tube which has saved around 1500 to 2000 animals lives. If we burn 1 KG rubber then 1.70 Kg Carbon Dioxide gets released in environment. Thus,converting  50 Tons tire tube into a fashionable products through up cycling not only helped to reduce the carbon foot print on our planet but also protected our nature from open landfills.

Ecowings Design Studio - Bee Labs :

Bee Labs is our conceptual design studio to enforce meaningful innovation and defines sequential strategy for product development and social marketing. Bee labs also shoulders responsibility for trend research, essential product guideline, design direction, ideation, concept development, cad modeling, virtual prototyping and product packaging etc.
Our aim is to integrate unique experiences in one workable solution to evolve best innovative ideas.

Bee Labs activities are focused on following aspects :

explore various environments, crafts, art forms, eco problems and the most potential areas to document these through intensive research for initiating design process.

This is the most dynamic section of Bee labs responsible for ideation, innovation and multiple thought integration.

To get the over all look and feel of the products, Bee-crafts convert all the approved concepts into virtual models and prototypes.

This section takes care of the Product packaging to make striking product visibility to build unique brand experiences.

Ecowings Donates for Wild Life conservation :

Every year Ecowings donates 1% of its sale for the wild life conservation. So far ecowings has created a great impact for wild life conservation and had inspired many young people through our Upcycled Eco Camps and Workshops. If you want to organize an Upcycle Eco Camp then do contact us.

Ecowings Fair Trade Policies :

> Child Labour is strictly prohibited

> Giving Fair wages to our Craftsmen as per their skill and capabilities

> Maintaining congenial working environment

> Quality Control and measurement based on global requirements

Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour :

Every year Ecowings donates 1% of its sale for the wild life conservation. So far ecowings has created a great impact for wild life conservation and had inspired many young people through our Upcycled Eco Camps and Workshops. If you want to organize an Upcycle Eco Camp then do contact us.

Ensuring Good Working Conditions :

Ecowings provides a safe and healthy working environment for ecowings team and working  members.

Providing Capacity Building :

Ecowings intends to increase positive developmental impacts for small and marginalized traders through Fair Trade.The organization develops the skills and capabilities of its own employees or members. (NOT CLEAR)

Promoting Fair Trade :

We do this through our social promotion, classroom workshop, environmental programs etc.

Respect for the Environment

Ecowings produces upcycledproducts to maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources within their reach, procuring the material locally, whenever possible. We try to use fairly good quantity of waste toupcycle it through our innovativeecoideas. Ecowings greatly respect wildlife  and environment and continuously putting efforts to make this planet better by saving wildlife and their biodiversity through its Upcycle movement.

Viwe Ecowings Products

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