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Eco Wings is an International Brand based in Central India. We offer high quality professional handmade upcycled bagsand fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles in green fashion world.

Ecowings Fair Trade Policies :

> Child Labour is strictly prohibited

> Giving Fair wages to our Craftsmen as per their skill and capabilities

> Maintaining congenial working environment

> Quality Control and measurement based on global requirements


Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour : 

Ecowings never supports child labour. It is strictly prohibited as per our norms. We provide a congenial environment to our workers and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.



Ensuring Good Working Conditions :

Ecowings provides a safe and healthy working environment for ecowings team and working  members.


Providing Capacity Building :

Ecowings intends to increase positive developmental impacts for small and marginalized traders through Fair Trade.The organization develops the skills and capabilities of its own employees or members. (NOT CLEAR)

Promoting Fair Trade : We do this through our social promotion, classroom workshop, environmental programs etc.

Respect for the Environment
Ecowings produces upcycledproducts to maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources within their reach, procuring the material locally, whenever possible. We try to use fairly good quantity of waste toupcycle it through our innovativeecoideas. Ecowings greatly respect wildlife  and environment and continuously putting efforts to make this planet better by saving wildlife and their biodiversity through its Upcycle movement.

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