green impact through innovation

About Eco Wings

Eco Wings is India's finest brand provides upcycled life style accessory products world wide. We have our own design house and manufacturing

unit to deliver the best possible ideas. We believe in upcycle innovation and create unique experiences through our best eco ideas to cast

green impact.

Our Aim:

> Reducing carbon footprint on our planet

> Creating fair business opportunities

> Helping to craftsmen and rural communities

> Enhance lifestyle through green products

> Inspiring young generation through green innovation

> Spreading Green awareness

> Protecting wild life and Nature

Ecowings Philosophy:

Eco Wings is the outcome of a long journey of extensive research on eco friendly products and sustainable ideas. With the help of Center of Design, Environment and Innovation (CODEI) we have interacted with many local communities, artisans, craftsmen who are actively involved in rural and urban innovations across the India.

We strongly believe as holistic design approach can cast green impact and contribute to protect our nature. It was realized that there is stressing need for awareness about these people as we found tremendous potential in this sector. We intend to collaborate with organizations who are passionate to conserve our environment and can contribute to betterment of environment.

Ecowings Passion:

Our team is highly passionate to bring out upcycled and eco friendly ideas in multifaceted directions. We keep on experimenting with recycle and waste material such as tyre tube, marble slurry, waste cotton cloth, tin etc. and try to get best possible solutions in the forms of beautiful lifestyle products. We also motivate young students through our upcycled eco camps and inspire them to become an environmental leader to adopt and spread green awareness and sustainable solutions.

Ecowings Vision:

>To reduce carbon foot print across the planet and motivate people to adopt green products.

> To build environmental leaders and innovators to cultivate green awareness and sustainable living.

>To give platform for designers, craftsmen and rural communities based on their skills and talent.