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Eco Wings is an International Brand based in Central India. We offer high quality professional handmade upcycled bagsand fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles in green fashion world.


Eco Wings is an International Brand based in Central India. We offer high quality professional handmade upcycled bagsand fashion accessories. We have our own design house and manufacturing unit to evolve innovative designs and styles in green fashion world.

Our Aims:
  • Reducing carbon footprint on our planet through encouraging upcycling
  • Creating fair business opportunities for the entrepreneurs
  • Helping craftsmen and rural communities towards self reliance
  • Enhance lifestyle through green products and accessories
  • Inspiring youngesters through green innovations
  • Protecting wild life and Nature through vegan products
Ecowings Fair Trade Policies:
  • Child Labour is strictly prohibited
  • Giving Fair wages to our Craftsmen as per their skill and capabilities
  • Maintaining congenial working environment
  • Quality Control and measurement based on global requirements
Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour:

Ecowings never supports child labour. It is strictly prohibited as per our norms. We provide a congenial environment to our workers and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Ensuring Good Working Conditions:

Ecowings provides a safe and healthy working environment for ecowings team and working members.

Providing Capacity Building:

Ecowings intends to increase positive developmental impacts for small and marginalized traders through Fair Trade. The organization develops the skills and capabilities of its own employees or members. (NOT CLEAR)

Respect for the Environment:

Ecowings produces upcycled products to maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources within their reach, procuring the material locally, whenever possible. We try to use fairly good quantity of waste toupcycle it through our innovativeecoideas. Ecowings greatly respect wildlife  and environment and continuously putting efforts to make this planet better by saving wildlife and their biodiversity through its Upcycle movement.

Ecowings Social Impact:
  • So far Ecowings have trained 50 Rural people and upgraded their skills
  • Employment opportunity to several craftsmen in India
  • Launch new skill development programs intended to value addition and promotion of Indian crafts in general and upcycled products in particular
Ecowings Impact on Environment:

So far Ecowings has Upcycled 50 Tons Tire Tube which has saved around 1500 to 2000 animals lives. If we burn 1 KG rubber then 1.70 Kg Carbon Dioxide gets released in environment. Thus, converting 50 Tons tire tube into a fashionable products through up cycling not only helped to reduce the carbon foot print on our planet but also protected our nature from open landfills.

Ecowings Philosophy:

Eco Wings is the outcome of a long journey of extensive research on eco friendly products and sustainable ideas. With the help of Center of Design, Environment and Innovation (CODEI) we have interacted with many local communities, artisans, craftsmen who are actively involved in rural and urban upcycled innovations across the India.

We strongly believe that holistic design approach can cast green impact and thus contribute greatly to protect our nature. It was realized that there is stressing need for awareness about these people as we found tremendous potential in this sector. We intend to collaborate with organizations who are passionate to conserve our environment and can contribute to betterment of environment.

Ecowings Passion:

Our team is highly passionate to bring out upcycled and eco friendlyproducts related ideas in multifaceted directions. We keep on experimenting with recycling and waste material such as tyre tube, marble slurry, waste cotton cloth, tin etc. and try to get best possible solutions in the forms of beautiful lifestyle products. We also motivate young students through our upcycle eco camps and inspire them to become an environmental leader to adopt and spread green awareness and sustainable solutions.

Ecowings Vision:
  • To reduce carbon foot print across the planet and motivate people to adopt green products.
  • To build environmental leaders and innovators to cultivate ideas for green awareness and sustainable living.
  • To give platform for designers, craftsmen and rural communities based on their skills and talent.
Bee- Labs:

Bee Labs is our conceptual design studio to enforce meaningful innovations and defines sequential strategy for product development and social marketing. Bee labs also shoulders responsibility for trend research, essential product guideline, design direction, ideation, concept development, modeling, virtual prototyping and product packaging etc.
Our aim is to integrate unique experiences in one workable solution to evolve best innovative ideas.

Bee Labs activities are focused on following aspects :


Bee-Mization explore various environments, crafts, art forms, eco problems and the most potential areas to document these through intensive research for initiating design process.


This is the most dynamic section of Bee labs responsible for ideation, innovation and multiple thought integration.


To get the overall look and feel of the products, Bee-crafts convert all the approved concepts into virtual models and prototypes.


This section takes care of the Product packaging to make striking product visibility to build unique brand experiences.

Our Inspiration and Advisors:

We truly acknowledge all the inspirational personalities and our active advisory board members to support and motivate ecowings by all means

  • Dr. L.L Sharma (Retd. Prof. & Dean) Environmentalist
  • Nikhil Rane, USA
  • Piyush Sharma, Sr. User Experience Designer, Nvidia Graphics
  • S. Bhupesh, Brand Consultant
  • Suvodeep Das, Product Designer
  • TC. Arun, Sr. Automotive Designer, TVS Motors, Bangalore
  • Mandar Rajpathak, Tata Elexi, Pune
  • Akash Saxena, Founder, Get Set Go, Pune
  • Nitesh Tailor, Sr. Web Designer
  • S.Pankaj, IIT Kanpur
USP of Ecowings Bags:
  • Replace leather & protect wildlife and nature
  • Highly durable & long lasting
  • Water Resistance
  • Variety in texture
  • Amazing History
  • Completely washable
  • Fashionable statement
Our Mission:

To reduce carbon foot print across the planet and protect nature.

What is Upcycling :

Upcycling is the process of converting waste(used) materials or useless products into new materials for the higher purpose or value for the betterment of environment.

Ecowings approach is based on upcycling to save the planet forsustainable living.

Business Enquiry:

Ecowings India (HQ)

B-SF-14, Indus Satellite Green

KehlodHala, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

452001, India

Email: ecowingsnet@gmail.com

Email: info@ecowings.in

Tel: 91 – 97525 22666

Ecowings IN: www.ecowings.in

Ecowings Canada

ATTN. OFF: Leslie Padorr

Cool East Market

1390 Danforth Ave.

Toronto, ON


(P) 647-885-1976

Email: leslie@ecowings.ca

Ecowings CA: www.ecowings.ca

Ecowings Netherlands

ATTN. OFF: Mrs. Angela Rooijmans

Flottielje 3

1423 AL Uithoorn, Netherlands

(P) 06-51077126

Email: angela@ecowings.nl

Ecowings NL: www.ecowings.nl


Currently Ecowings is looking for passionate young minds in two different categories

  1. Business Development Manager Person
  2. Interns for Life Style Accessory Product Design and Trend Forecasting

If you are passionate to work with us then straight forward contact to us and send you CV/ Portfolio  through your institution to ecowingsnet@gmail.com