green impact through innovation

Bee- Labs

Bee Labs is our conceptual design studio to enforce meaningful innovation and defines sequential strategy for product development and social marketing. Bee labs also shoulders responsibility for trend research, essential product guideline, design direction, ideation, concept development, cad modeling, virtual prototyping and product packaging etc.
Our aim is to integrate unique experiences in one workable solution to evolve best innovative ideas.

Bee Labs activities are focused on following aspects :


Bee-Mization explore various environments, crafts, art forms, eco problems and the most potential areas to document these through intensive research for initiating design process.


This is the most dynamic section of Bee labs responsible for ideation, innovation and multiple thought integration.


To get the over all look and feel of the products, Bee-crafts convert all the approved concepts into virtual models and prototypes.


This section takes care of the Product packaging to make striking product visibility to build unique brand experiences.